DONY’s Branded/Promotional Reusable Face Masks Build Companies Branding & Trust With COVID-19

Reusable Branded / Promotional Face Masks Are The New Future

Keep The Business Front Of Mind

Wearing a mask in public is a must, so why not make it a promotional opportunity? That’s how all companies and organizations are moving from the New Normal to the New Future with a new type of uniform: customized logo face masks.

Dony Garment is a company with an established background in the apparel industry that can easily provide exclusive services, such as 3D tailoring design and printing any artwork or logos through on surfaces and straps of all face coverings.

We offer free samples, trial orders, and branding opportunities with logo and label service available. It’s great for corporate unity or to promote a brand“, said Mr. Henry Pham, CEO of Dony Garment Company.

Traditionally, companies and organizations have improved their brand identity through customizable merchandise, including T-shirts, hoodies, journal books, pens, caps, bags, raincoats, mugs, and the like. Due to the pandemic, there is a fresh surge of branded face mask requests.

Forward-thinking companies are the real trendsetter of this new demand wave. They realized it’s time to leverage the benefits of these custom printed face masks to raise brand awareness and make the most of this free advertising space while still complying with the public health regulations.

When people wear their custom face masks, they become a natural representative of the brand everywhere they go: in the stores and restaurants, or on public transport. Besides, they will be aware that they are part of the community, thereby enhancing their sense of responsibility.

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